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1. Qatar will be the first country in the Middle East and Arab world to host the FIFA World Cup. 2. This will be the first World Cup to be held in the winter months, due to the high temperatures in the host country in the summer. 3. Qatar has been investing heavily in infrastructure projects such as stadiums and transport links in preparation for the tournament. 4. Qatar will become the first Arabic-speaking country to host the World Cup, and the first World Cup to be held in an Islamic country. 5. The tournament will feature an expanded 48-team format with 16 groups of three teams each. 6. Qatar has promised to provide the most technologically advanced tournament ever, with the latest innovations in the field of broadcasting, security, transportation and more. 7. The stadiums in Qatar will be the first to be built with a zero-carbon footprint. 8. Fans will be able to watch matches in 3D, and will have access to a dedicated mobile app that will provide real-time updates. 9. It will be the first World Cup to use video assistant referees (VAR) to aid referees in making decisions. 10. The tournament will also feature an expanded women's tournament, with 16 teams competing for the title.

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